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Hi everyone! I'll try to create an asset of a medieval mine with all its details. I wish everyone good luck in the contest!

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A start! The idea is ready. I proceeded to create a filling. For a start, I made small tools for miners, builders and stone builders. I took up the railroad. I plan to create a mine at the same time as the quarry. I want to add water and mechanisms to the location with large wooden wheels.

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It looks great, but are you sure mine carts existed in the middle ages? :slight_smile:

I’ve just sent you instructions on how to claim your free Medieval Fantasy Cardboard viewer. Check your private messages here on the forum.

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@bartv @Zorg741 This wikipedia article suggests there were indeed minecarts:

I'm basing my assertion on this illustration from 1556:

Always worth checking what tools and implements were available then, though.

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Thank you very much for watching! Indeed, there were no iron rails at that time. I'll look for more references of that time.:grinning:

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I spread the progress. At this stage, only the geometry. I will paint at the end to preserve integrity.This is a small part of what will be in the future!:wink:

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Really cool ! can't wait to see new versions :smiley:

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I tried coloring.

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How i suppose to compete with you ? Nice job. Nice plank job, hmm hmm :heart_eyes::

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You pump out assets like a factory xD
Great work ^^

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As the assets are filled, I will complicate ready-made assets. (grass, bushes, trees, characters, houses). There is still much to do))

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The whole scene will be quite large. In the future, I will try to break up into separate assets. From the mines will be exported iron ore. A funnel-shaped quarry for diamonds.

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The mountains will be independent elements. They will be included as separate assets for assembly. Gradually I will work out each.

To understand the scale left an already ready asset. (red arrow)

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Barrels, boxes, explosives

(Zorg741) #18

Wood was brought)))

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