█_Middle Ages Mine_WIP_Zorg



Wow this is looking awesome!

(Dark Minaz) #69

Damn, what a great looking scene and it’s all in under 50k, that is very impressive. Really love the attention to detail you left in there even with all the restrictions

(Benji Todd Artist) #70

Nice work! Love the attention to detail.

(Zorg741) #71

Thank you so much!!!:slight_smile:

(Zorg741) #72

For each model I make a texture with AO. Here is the difference in the relatively clean texture. The texture size is ~ 250KB (resolution 512x512).

(Zorg741) #73

I started to load models. :slight_smile:


Looks lovely!

(Zorg741) #75

Later I will upload all the rest at once. :slight_smile:

(Benji Todd Artist) #76


(Violaine) #77

This is sick! Wow :smiley:
The whole scene has such a nice feeling to it!

(Zorg741) #78

My Final Scene! Hope You like it! :slight_smile:


(Narifix) #79

Wowza!! That’s incredibly inspiring!

(Stefan Lengyel) #80

Looks awesome! Good luck Zorg.

(Zorg741) #81

Thank you so much!:relaxed:

(Bart) #82

Super nice work

(Zorg741) #83


Thank You so much!!! :grin:

(Bart) #84

By the way, your presentation using a collection makes a lot of sense - I think we should add that to the contest rules :+1:

(Jessica Novita) #85

Whoa that’s some really neat and clean presentation! Really good job!

(Zorg741) #86

Thank you so much! I am glad that you like! :slight_smile:

(Zorg741) #87

I added sound to my scene. I hope the atmosphere has increased.