1:1 scale for viewing in VR on Oculus Quest

My original file 1 unit = 1 meter . when i import it to sketchfab its shown at a random scale next to the avatar … then i put the number to 100 .even if with this value seams close its bigger than the real scale . what is the best practice to have your file at 1:1 scale ?

Bare with me, this is going to get a little complicated. This is an issue Im running into, that I didnt even realize I was having until now. For some odd reason my model is touching the ground in blender, but when brought into sketchfab, my model floats about 0.08m off the ground, which entirely throws off setting the scaling of the world to 100. If we convert 0.08m into a percentage and subtract that from 100 we can compensate for this discrepancy. Take the floor height in sketchfab and multiply it by this number 57.14 (100 divided by the character dummy height which is 1.75) and subtract that from the 100. In my case .08 is turned into 4.57 which when subtracted from 100 is 95.43. BOOM I knew algebra was good for something.