100 character limit bug

Hi there,

when loading a texture with the API, sketchfab uses an arbitrary limit of 100 characters for the texture URL. If the URL to the texture is longer than 100 characters, the filepath is clipped. This is an issue, because the filepath is used to retrieve the texture if it’s needed later.

100 characters seems like a lot, but in modern development pipelines it’s really not. When building websites with CI/CD processes, many URL’s for testing and development are automatically generated. They typically contain unique phrases and ID’s that are made up by software. This results in long URL’s that can’t be avoided.

I propose to lift the arbitrary 100 character limit for URL’s.


edit: clarified the issue


Thanks for the report.
Not sure from where that limit comes, we’ll check it out and try to remove it if there is no solid reason for it.