16yr old Student Just starting - Advice Appreciated

Just starting out and introduced thru Microsoft 3D Paint. Prob really basic but what would you recommend my path be? Have a high school course and looking for the following tips. Thank You!

  • can I learn in 3D Paint or too simple? what software do I need?
  • any recommended courses or certs to pursue as a beginner?
  • thought I’d start with some easy downloads here and modify to understand tools, skills, etc. What other sources helped you get started?
  • teacher asked that I design in something and then present to class in powerpoint for fun and practical output so guess I need to undrestand how to get FBX, GLTF, USDZ and other formats to export into something I can use?
  • how can I get an easy animation (like a robot mouth moving or pointing to talk)?

Welcome on board! I’ll gladly try to answer some of your questions

You can do some stuff with it, but Paint 3d isn’t really well suited for this because of how limited it is. If you want to get a taste of 3d as beginner, Paint 3d is fine, but if you want to go on a deeper level, other software is recommended.
Any software is fine, what matters is the endresult, your own understanding of color, composition etc… A software is just a tool like a pencil afterall. As long as it can do what you need it for…

easy to work with tools (I’d recommend that for absolute beginners):

Strictly online tools, but also easy for beginners:

okay this one is more on the complicated side, but it’s definitely worth learning. Because this is literally a swiss army tool with growing community for support, for any purpose.

You may find more in the forum

Blender tutorials: (Wish I knew about those youtube-channels in the beginning when I started blender since 2.7)

maybe others have a suggestion,anyone?

Not quite sure how to respond. I think it is software specific. Types like FBX, OBJ, GLTF are supported by many softwares, so I wouldn’t worry about which filetype to use that much. (Also preference based)
How you import or export, what is supported, is specific to each software.

It is, however, useful to know about the differences. PLY for example only stores raw mesh data, no materials etc, OBJ or FBX can also store textures etc.

Again, specific for each software (that supports animation). Blender/Blockbench can do that, but animating may require some setup