2 years of ArtStation Glow Ups!

Join ArtStation in celebrating 2 years of ArtStation Glow Ups!

Two years ago ArtStation released ArtStation Glow Ups, a site feature that helps you easily share your creative transformations.

To celebrate they’ll be sharing your Glow Ups from September 19th-23rd on their social channels. Tag @artstationhq and use #ArtStationGlowUp on your Glow Up posts to show off what you’ve accomplished!

Get your Glow Up:

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warning… incoming stupid question!!

what on earth is a “glow up” ? :grin:

If you click through, there is an example

Your Glow Up is generated with your first and last published artwork thumbnails. Upload new artwork for a more recent “Now” image.

Basically a way to show how far you have come as a creator.

a ah, right i see, interesting!