2020 iPad Pro LiDAR sensor

A few people seem to have got hold of the 2020 iPad Pro which is equipped with a LiDAR sensor. I’m interested in the accuracy of the sensor and it’s potential for 3D scanning.

Tim Field (Twitter: @nobbis) from Abound Labs (@AboundLabs) has posted a couple of demo videos of scanning on his Twitter feed:

It looks fairly low resolution, but it does seem that the more you scan an area, the more detail is resolved. In replies to the two tweets above he does suggest that this won’t be an effective method for scanning smaller objects.

I wonder if any Sketchfabbers have got their hands on one, and have had a chance to check out the accuracy of the new Measure app?

Interesting tech to watch.

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Some more links I’ve found which might be of interest:

Fast plane detection and classification with the new iPad Pro & Lidar sensors

iPad Pro with LiDAR vs iPhone X Quick Look AR occlusion comparison

Infrared sensor projection with infrared camera

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Thanks for starting this thread @tomgoskar!

The idea of LiDAR on an ipad certainly is intriguing, let’s see what developers can squeeze out of this new piece of tech…

I’ll throw examples in here as well when I see them too :+1:

iFixit have already done a teardown, and some interesting comparisons between the dot density of the FaceID and LiDAR sensors:

On the software front, Marek Simonik, who wrote the Heges 3D scanning app for iOS which uses the FaceID camera, has written a new app which uses the LiDAR sensor, which he says is with Apple for approval (or rejection!). It will be available from https://lidarscanner.app.

I suppose (or - I hope) that may of the limitations are down to ARKit’s feature size limitations. For example, in Jared Heinly’s valiant demo of scanning a picnic table with chunky grey metal legs, the legs are ignored:

In Marek’s message on Reddit he says that:

Apple is not providing the raw LiDAR scanning data, so it is impossible to use it directly in Heges (or in any other app).

It seems like the LiDAR outputs 512x256 point cloud @ 120FPS (without colors).

Here’s a few simple scans from @alexijohansen. No word on the app used, so presumably something based on Apple’s test app:

It’s all very low resolution. I hope Apple provides access to the raw sensor data.

Hello Tom,
I saw that you mentioned LiDAR Scanner 3D. I just wanted to give an update and say that it has been approved by Apple and is available on the App Store! A demo video with link to the App Store is at https://LidarScanner.app


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Spar3D has an interesting article on a new point cloud scanning app called SiteScape (see their Sketchfab account) which uses the 2020 iPad Pro LiDAR scanner and ARKit4. It has produced some nice looking dense point clouds, many of which are hosted here on Sketchfab.

One to keep an eye on - for me the most promising realtime scanning app yet.