2023 - Best Android Scanning Apps

Hi there,

I was wondering what this community thinks are the best 3D scanning apps for Android.

We’re big fans of Sketchfab and have been looking at everything from Lidar to Photogrammetry to NeRFies - but it seems that Android applications - without a mini-lidar seems to suffer a bit in terms of support and quality.

We’ve started doing a lot of work looking into what is “the best” of Android scanning capture applications - so that we might tie into both Sketchfab to store the models and then ingest these into our simulation tool.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and what this community thinks.



I’ve used Polycam and have been pleased with the results. Maybe it would be worth checking this list (3D Scanning apps on LiDAR equipped iPad Pro and iPhone) to see which of the apps also works on Android. It would be a good starting point, anyway.

Abby, that’s a great link - I will make my way through that.

Polycam is on the shortlist - though i’ve had some aberrations in some of my scans which turned me off a bit.
Might be a technique issue on my part.


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Edit: in general, what are you trying to scan and why?

I back Abby’s recommendation of Polycam (specifically polycam web):

  • it accepts any photoset (i.e. noyt just images captured in the app)
  • processes data in the cloud
  • decent (if basic) editing tools
  • depending on your settings, can automatically produce normal/roughness maps as well as colour maps

In the past I have used Scann3D, which (last time I used it) processes locally with decent results but uses a lot of battery life.

I think the Play Store generally has a usable rating system for apps, so perhaps review the top entries shown there? If possible, find actual 3D file previews of output data.

RealityScan has a planned Android version, but I don’t know when this will be released.

Hi Flynn,

Also very helpful and I’ve added these to the mix.
I did start on playstore but it was a bit of a mixed bag - where I was using my lunch break each day to test each app and it’s capabilities.

I’m now sold on the cloud based processing model - but it does lead to some breaks in the workflow. Although frankly large scans / uploads really want 4G+ / 5G or decent Wifi.

I’ve have had some challenges with capturing via Polycam. I find a lot of the models i’ve taken fail to process whereas before i’d been using an older app called D Scan Pro - which is now discontinued (still works) which fused parts of AR Core and Tango together to create a hybrid mesh model.

I’ll continue to research and feedback what I find here. Thanks again!

Polycam seems to tick a lot of the boxes - but seems to fail on me when we scale up (e.g. scan all rooms in a home) or a slow walk down a street. Which is the use case.

I’ll look at those other ones.


they are talking about 3d photogrammetry scanners, not document scanners

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I would like to suggest Scandy Pro rather than others, it is a professional app that uses advanced depth-sensing technology to capture accurate 3D models. it offer features such a color capture, texture mapping, and export various file formats.

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