29 Material test on Gunalot scene mirrored from Unreal Engine 4 scene

(Comatos) #1

I Have been prototyping over the last 3 weeks on a game over at our studio. The game is called Gunalot, I decided to try and get the first player map into sketchfab. It took close to 6 hours but 29 materials later here it is. This was mainly for testing to see exactly what sketchfab could handle, and how close it looked to the actual scene from Unreal Engine 4. I really didn't have to many issues until I got towards the end, it got a bit sluggish, but when it was published, its all good.

Only thing from our current scene I don't have in here is the particle effects for the lamps, and the foliage, grass moss, and obviously the landscape and atmosphere thats being done int he engine. Hope you enjoy!

If you want to see the sketchfab vs the scene we are playing, the links are below.

Sketchfab link

Gunalot Scene by Jacob Burke on Sketchfab

Gameplay link

(Bart) #2

Oh wow that DOES take an eternity to load. Are you also using 29 texture maps? And how hi-res are they? It might be worth trying to pack them together or to downsample them a bit.

I fixed the embed in your post by the way - just use the full URL, not the shortened version.

(Comatos) #3

I am actually using 4 maps per material, it loads quick on my machine. Again it was just a test to see if it could handle the full scene with all high rez 2048 textures. Thanks for fixing that url!