2K, 4K or 8K textures?

Hi, I’m making models of art objects using photogrammetry - Recap Photo/Meshlab/Zbrush/Photoshop, occasionally Reality Capture, Meshroom. Originally I was using 2K textures, due to this being the Zbrush default, as I UV in Zbrush… but recently I’ve started using 8K. (I use one texture map image per object). Now I’m thinking maybe 4K would be a happy medium as I’m worried about making my models too laggy to load up on different devices. Does anyone with more experience have a view on this?
Thanks, Ursula

Hi Ursula! The best choice inevitably depends on how speedily you need your model to load and how much detail you need to display (or at least that has been my experience). I tend to stick to 4K as 8K can be a bit slow and 2K can be too pixelated.

I remember one instance in which I definitely had to use 8K:

When I tried running the texture at 2K and 4K, the text was so pixelated that it was illegible.

So, for me, typically 4K unless the situation demands otherwise. I usually only figure out that it demands otherwise through a process of trial and error.


Agreed! This also echoes the official advice in the Sketchfab Help Center:

While there’s no strict rule here, we’ve found that 4k resolution is a good limit for performance and compatibility. It’s better to use a 4k texture than several 2k textures, but it could be better to use a few 4k textures rather than an 8k texture.

Thanks very much Abby - you are confirming what I suspected… I’ll default to 4K from now on!
Thanks again!

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