3 Space - Louisville, Kentucky

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About this service

3 Space is a full-service product development firm located in Louisville, Kentucky. We offer engineering, 3D scanning, 3D printing and manufacturing services.

Service description

  • Specialisation: primary applications are product development, quality control and manufacturing support
  • Equipment/software: Artec Spider, Artec Studio, 3DS Max, Geomagic Design X, SpaceClaim, SolidWorks
  • Location: Louisville, Kentucky
  • Ability to travel: Willing to travel anywhere in the continental United States.
  • Resolution: 0.1mm
  • Guaranteed accuracy: 0.05mm
  • Max / min scannable sizes: Nearly any size
  • Textures: Full-color, 24-bit, 1.3MP textures
  • Deliverable file formats
    From Scan: stl, wrl, ply, obj, fbx
    With Reverse Engineering: iges, step, suite-specific CAD
  • Additional services: mesh modeling/modification, reverse engineering, design engineering, 3D printing (PolyJet, SLA, MultiJet, SLS, FDM, ColorJet), machining, manufacturing
  • Costs: $90/hour


iPendant Robot Controller by 3 Space on Sketchfab

Tachometer Base Plate by 3 Space on Sketchfab

Proximity Switch by 3 Space on Sketchfab