360 Aerial photos to Sketchfab

Is there any way I can upload 360 pictures (JPEG) known as Panorama to Sketchfab ?
I tired uploading stitched Panorama or just single pictures but looks like JPEG is not welcome file type.
I have plenty of drone 360 photos and would like to upload them here,
Thanks for your help

Welcome to the Forum @midwestuavs! You’ll need to upload your 360 JPEG as the texture file for a sphere, I think. If you take a look at this model, you can see what I mean. Enter the model inspector by pressing “i” on your keyboard and then zoom out. You’ll see that the image is mapped to the inside of a sphere.

Thank you for your email.
I already followed instructions from this link
but seems like i still cant get 360 panorama picture.
What i got is this

Any help is strongly appreciated.
Matt Ozog

hi welcome midwestuavs, the viewing point needs to be locked at the center of the sphere, yours is free floating,don’t know how to do this but i think that’s what is causing your issue … hope this helps.

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