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360 Preview - pan camera vs spin model

(Aleahy) #1

Hi, the 360 previews are great for ‘hero objects’ not so good for immersive scenes, which were seeing more of thanks to VR.

eg. if you simply spin this scene there’s a lot of “back wall”

It would be good to let the author choose whether the 360 preview was made by rotating the model, or panning the camera instead. Unless there’s some heuristic that could be found?

Cheers, Andrew | Wonderama XR Lab | Western Sydney University

(Hansolocambo) #2

Put your camera to a better point in the scene, adjust the camera’s field of view and you’ll get a camera rotating and showing you only the interior. A pro account could also help to limitate the camera’s rotation values and prevent the user from moving too much about.
But honestly, AVR Creative’s (from your example) aim being to sell their models, looking at every object under every possible angle is necessary for a potential buyer.
Sketchfab = Wysiwyg. So being able to see from any angle is better :wink: