3D artist ready for work!

(Mkounelakis) #1

Hi everyone! I’ve been preaproved to sell models and I just wanted to say hi to the community!

I’m not sure yet how this forum works so i hope im posting in the right area! lol ( if i messed up please redirect me or something! :stuck_out_tongue: )

So yeah, hello! I’ll start posting some new stuff here soon, and if you like my style and would like me to make something for ya just hit me up whenever!

(Mkounelakis) #2

Here is some of my work just to show you what i can do!

Personal work: Battle Girl

Personal work: snipersuit

Personal work, Warsuit

Personal work, tank marine

Personal work, mechsuit

Starcraft fan art

art war 3 mech driver

Art War 2 Contest Entry

DOOM Fan art

Warhammer 40k stuff

Big Mech

More starcraft fan art

Hope you guys like this stuff!