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3D Artist Wanted! - Photorealistic Architecture Renders


(Lawrence Green) #1

Hello all,

As a new member to this community, I've come here for guidance and information concerning an art project I've started. As a photographer, I've been following the progress of photorealistic 3D renders over the past couple of years and I've concluded that the software available to most artist has significantly improved render wise.

The reason I followed this progress is because my ideas have always been bigger than life and are financially impossible to achieve with traditional techniques, more specifically set design. Without further ado, I'd like to present to you fine artists the idea I have and would love feedback on how to tackle this project, what to expect and whom to approach.

The idea arose from a photoshoot I attended a couple of years ago. The photographer, Erwin Olaf, is a personal favourite and has made works that hint to old painters, such as Vermeer. The concept was simple, the assignment not so much: A painting, called "The last tribute to the counts of Egmond and Hoorn" by Louis Gallaits, was to be recreated as a photograph. Olaf had done such a job before and has succeeded in capturing the essence of the original paintings.

This inspired me to do similar work and sure enough I began looking for paintings that inspired me and aligned with my thinking and personal style. And since I am convinced that my techniques are fine-tuned, I didn't hold back on the scale of the works I've selected. So I've chosen the following work, "Los Romanos De La Decadencia" by Thomas Couture.

Now, here is where I need advice and help from a community that is able to teach me a thing or two. As an artist, I'm well aware that "no pay, but exposure" doesn't vibe too well with most. This is not such a request. I'm just genuinely curious to know if 3D artists have an interest in such a collab, seeing that it might be a new take on two different art forms.

Just to clarify, I'm a portrait photographer and the goal is to have a photorealistic 3D render on which I can place the photographed subjects to complete the scene as seen above. No human 3D models will be required, except for the statues. I also don't do half work. I work with professionals, from model agencies to a team of make-up artists, stylists and assistants. This isn't some hobby, it's a passion.

So, finally, I'd like to end with a few questions that I'd love some feedback on and would be happy to gain an insight in what lives among 3D artist and how they would go about working on such a project:

  • As mentioned above: Would this kind of art-collab be of any value to a 3D artist (if done right)?
  • If you would accept this as an assignment, rather than a collab, what compensation would you ask?
  • How many hours of work +- would a professional spend on recreating the location in this scene?
  • Do you have an interest or do you know someone who would be interested in working on such a project?

Thanks in advance for any information, feedback, thoughts and, yes I'll take them, prayers!

Lawrence Green

(Dark Minaz) #2

So to summarize you would need the background, the statues and the floor as realistic as possible as a 2d render + some of the props in the front. That then will be filled with pictures in the end.
The most time intensive parts will be the statues and the ornaments in the pillar, a lot of the rest can be done rather quick.

Hard to really say how long something like this would really take, mostly depends on the level of details you would like in it and how accurate it needs to be. My rough estimate would be around 2 weeks or more. (again, strongly depends on what your endgoal is) Price for that depends on each individual and how much they charge per hour.

As a 3D artist (main focus) i would personally not see that much use out of it as it would be much more interesting to see all the humans as scan in a final 3d model to view from all sides as a "behind the picture" , if it's free to add your personal takes on the sculptures and it's more focused on creating a realistic 3d image it could be more compelling.

Of course the workload could be split into more people and the rendering could be taken care of via renderfarm, to reduce the amount of work/time.

So my follow up questions would be:
What is your personal Endgoal of this? Highly realistic / as close to the original / realistic but free to create your own sculpts

It does sound interesting in some ways, but it could be quite a lot of work for exposure alone.

(Lawrence Green) #3

Thanks for your reply. The information you've shared already gives me a better insight.

I'm not surprised that this project is labour intensive, considering details such as the ornaments and although the level of details will also determine the total amount of time spend on this project. That being said, my goal remains to find someone who's willing to put in the time to make every detail work to at least the level depicted in this painting.

As you said, rendering could be taken care of, but it'll be important that the artist willing to work on this has a good sense of light and textures and knows how to set it all up for photorealistic renders. Since the concept of a renderfarm is new to me, I'm guessing (from very little research) that they solely render the image and don't optimise it further?

I'm completely with you that it would be more compelling for artists to work on a project where their style and ideas have a place and that a personal take on, for instance, the sculptures would be more interesting and fun. Artists aren't factory workers, but creatives.

The only issue I have with that would be that I'm about 99% sure I'd dislike personal takes, seeing my personal level of detail to the original will be close to insane (for instance: every piece of cloth will be wrinkled and folded and styled just as in the painting). If my part is true to the original, and the 3D model isn't... Let's just say it's a project around technique and skill, more than around creativity.

I might be ruling out most artist by setting it up like so, but that's why I'm willing to pay. So to answer your question concerning the endgoal: I want to create a photographic version of this painting. Seeing setdesign of such a location is out of the question, I'm looking for a 3D artist who's willing to recreate it. The model and render should to be as realistic as possible and need to respect the details of the original, so when merged with my input and after matching up light, colours and quality, it ought to look like a photograph, not a 3D model.

It's not your everyday project. I'm well aware of the insanity of it all, especially me hoping to find someone who want's to put creativity aside to go all in on skill and technique in order to work on an idea that has already been set up. Yeah, saying that sure doesn't sound unrealistic... But hey, I do believe in miracles around this time of year and where there's a will or budget, there's a way.

(Dark Minaz) #4

Yes renderfarms just take away the time to render images. For high realistic that can be quite a lot once everything is setup can be up to 24hours+ depending on your final vray settings and more. The person will need to set everything correctly but it will still take a lot of the final "getting the perfect image" done.

That seems totally fine, i just thought more of making the statues look more like other people, making them more muscular or adding yourself as statue, not as in a style change. But if it's a replication as goal that is fine as well, making that clear from the start will probably make it better to find the person for it that will stay until completion.

Sure :wink: personally i might be up for it if my sculpt skills were on the correct level already, but i am still quite a bit off to be confident in it. I did send it to a few people that might be interested but the chance is slim. Hope you find someone that is as interested and dedicated into the in depth detail as you are.

(Shaderbytes) #5

no 3d artist that is qualified enough to meet yout needs will be interested in any sort of collab for free. They will all be employed earning fat salaries and wont have time to do this. The only type of person who would perhaps even consider collabs are beginners, So you are not approaching the market correctly. Having very high expectations in anything 3D and finding such an artist or company will cost you a lot of money. be realistic here.

(Bob Danforth) #6

From the look of it, you want a spaceship before mastering a horse and buggy. As pointed out there are folk here that build spaceships and could sell you one, but aside from the really high cost, you would need someone to operate it as well. Even less than realistic is hard and realism is a moving train that I am not able to keep up with as what was great work a year ago is not now.

Right now being a great Photographer is barely more useful than being a great Automechanic and much that you know needs rethinking as each bit that goes together in real life are often separate considerations in CG, but if you gather a few local enthusiasts and grow with them you might find a much more unique and special result than you had imagined originally.

(Adamkru) #7

Pretty cool. Not so crazy. We blend 3d and photos all the time. This is possible. A lot of compositing would be required. I would suggest you reverse the process. You shoot the human elements, including the statues - and as separate elements where possible. Then hire a 3d rendering studio, like mine - Studio2a - or someone else to work on the background elements and complete the final composite. I’d suggest it would take a few days for the 3d modeling and rendering and a few days for the entire composite. Recreating the statues in 3d is possible, but a much bigger and expensive project. Good Luck!
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