3d asset creation in bulk, low detail

So this may be a weird request. But I need to find a way to make a lot of images that are rather simple in design, but very hard to scan because they are small and shiny. Lately I have been taking photos of them. They have two main parts mostly which I then extrude the photo in photoshop, then I put them in blender and add a slight amount of curve to them and apply the textures. There are a few ornate models of my products with some jewelry like artwork which have been more troublesome with this method. I am mostly creating eyeglasses and jewelry type items for an ecommerce site. But my inventory is massive and a lot to accomplish. The glasses have to have a great color, but they do not have to be extremely accurate which is why my method is rather quick and dirty, an works well for what I am accomplishing. It just has to look good from a certain distance with no zooming allowed and is only viewed on the front and side (essentially Y and Z with no other movements) I would think there is a simple solution i am overlooking