3D configurator feasability check

We have a really interesting use-case for one of our clients regarding 3D models/viewers/configurators. I’ve been looking up some technologies to find the best fit. Sketchfab is on my current list but I’m trying to figure out whether it can do the things we need.

In detail what we are trying to achieve is:

  • Upload assets to a DAM (digital asset management system) and sync these assets directly to Sketchfab (Data API?)
  • Create a product configurator for perfume bottles (different bottles, bottle caps, bottle colors, scent, …) (Should all be possible with the Viewer API, right?)
  • Automatically create TIFF or PNG images of all the possible configurations (???)

The last part worries me the most. Is there an endpoint available that can render all possible configurations of a product configurator? If not automatically, is there an endpoint in general that can return an image (screenshot) of a model in a specific configuration and with a specific camera position?

Really hoping Sketchfab can be an option here! Thanks in advance.

I’m not a sketchfab employee but. I have worked with the configurator api here quite a bit so I hope I can answer your questions.
To the best of my knowledge
#1 Yes, although you will need some additional programming backend knowledge to setup the API with your data management. The sketchfab team will be able to help you with that with an enterprise account. (highly recommended)
#2 Yes, with a some knowledge of development .js & css you can create extensive and in depth configurators with lots of options for any product.
#3 /4 In the Sketchfab API you can setup screenshot captures from the browser render that can be called and referenced but, this can be handled in other ways as well with javascript that may be a more effective for the point of sale automation your looking to achieve.

Sketchfab has the best online rendering tools for product display & web optimization across nearly every platform pc, ios and android. Anyway without sounding like an product evangelist I hope this helps answer your questions.

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Hi Jordy,

Trevor answers most of your questions. #1 uses the Data API and #2 the viewer API. For #1 you should consider that it’s possible to (re)upload models to Sketchfab. But the Data API to setup your scene with materials, lighting, post-processing (anything to make your models pretty) is very limited. The viewer API can make things pretty, but those edits are not sticky. This might not be an issue when you’re viewing your content through a website you control. But if you want users to view your models on Sketchfab.com, then you need to setup lighting and materials by hand.

Question 3 is a bit more tricky because of two reasons. First of all, the number of images you need to render might become prohibitively large. You sometimes see a configurator which says: “this product has millions of variations”. While that’s pretty cool, rendering millions of images is not. That’s exactly the reason why realtime 3D works so well with configurators: there are no images to manage.
Secondly, when you create images with Sketchfab by using the viewer API you need to do this in the frontend. There’s no server-side rendering. The browser needs to be open with the sketchfab iframe visible to render images. This might not be an issue. But you can’t rent a big fat cloud server to render these images for you.

Feel free to DM me for further questions.