3d Configurator - Multiple Geometric Option

Hello, I am the person in-charge in web development for cirrus7 computing, which is a premium account user of sketchfab.

We would like to have some help in creating a multi-version option for a 3d configurator similar to the example https://labs.sketchfab.com/experiments/watch-configurator/
How do we create the sketchfab model for something like this? Ultimately, we want to produce a 3d configurator for this product https://www.cirrus7.com/produkte/cirrus7-nimbini-v2/overview with multiple editions as you can see.

Can we download the watch-configurator sketchfab source Apple Watch - 3D model by Sketchfab (@Sketchfab) - Sketchfab
that will serve as a guide in creating the model.


Hi there,

You’ll need to create a model that has all the different possible product versions included in a single scene. Notice how all the parts exist and overlap in the original file and the configurator app hides them. Then, you can use the Viewer API to hide and show different parts as you want. If you only need to change colors / materials, you can do this with the Viewer API itself. You don’t need to create duplicates of the same object in the file.


Apple Watch - 3D model by Sketchfab (@Sketchfab) - Sketchfab

Viewer API - Introduction - Sketchfab