3D configurator wanted (paid)

I have a model of a house https://skfb.ly/6TTYF

  1. I need to enhance this scene with plot
  2. I need to create a configurator on this base.
    With following options:
  • roof (3 material types, 21 collection, 100 textures)
  • walls (3 collection, 21 textures)
  • gutter (2 types, 10 colors)
  • roof overhangs (3 types, 3 colors)
  • building basement (the same textures as walls)
  • fence (the same textures as walls)

The nearest reference (sorry, in russian): https://catalog-plans.ru/models
On the left you can choose options (almost the same as I need). In fact I need the same, but with better quality of textures (like roof tiels in my example)
Mobile friendly is a nessasary condition.

All the textures I can provide, I need to programm a sidebar to change all the options