3D Connexion Space Navigator support in Sketchfab viewer?


(Andrew Leahy) #1

Hi, according to a 2013 sketchfab blog post 3D Space Navigator support was added to the model viewer when using Chrome browser. See http://blog.sketchfab.com/post/45491180114/spacenavigator-integration

I can’t get this to work with Chrome on Mac or Windows, did the GamePad API + SpaceNav support get dropped at some point? It’d be really great to get it back!

I also tried Chrome + Sketchfab with an Xbox gamepad controller as well and the model viewer doesn’t respond.

The Gamepad API + SpaceNav is working okay for when I try http://html5gamepad.com/

Regards, Andrew


Hi Andrew,

I believe we disabled gamepads until we can properly handle them because they were causing other issues.

I just tested a SpaceNavigator here ( OSX 10.11.2, Chrome ) and basic mouse input (zoom/rotate/pan) works. More robust 3D mouse support isn't something we're looking at internally at the moment.

(Andrew Leahy) #3

Hi James, thanks for your reply.

When you say 'basic mouse input works' what do you mean precisely?
Rotate, zoom & pan would be pretty good start!

If I try OSX 10.11.2 + Chrome Canary 49.0.2615.0 open a model on sketchfab.com the SpaceNav does nothing.

If I open a second browser tab onto html5gamepad.com, click a spacenav button, the gamepad control data is being recevied by the browser.

I will probably have a go at getting spacenav camera control going thru Viewer API.


I made a quick video. Sorry it's pretty awkward and it got rotated 90°...

It's too sensitive and I don't really know how to use the device, but you can see it's working:

(Andrew Leahy) #5

Hi James, thanks for the video - I can see your mouse cursor moving!

This means your SpaceNavigator is configured as a 'fake' mouse.

You'll have X,Y and scroll wheel type controls but it will be super awkward and difficult to calibrate.

So, as you said, the Gamepad API / SpaceNav support in sketchfab viewer has been removed. gak.

Comment: the Space Navigator is "the" point-of-view controller in the 3d modelling space, with native support in Maya, Blender, 3D Coat, Rhino, Autodesk 3ds Max, etc. I'm slightly stunned it's not supported by Sketchfab.com.

(Bart) #6

@james you have disabled embedded playback on that video :smile:


We simply don't have the bandwidth to develop and maintain this internally at the moment. We might revisit it in the future. Until then, it would have to be developed by someone in the community.

@bartv oops, thanks

(Jupitersrx7) #8

There should be more focus for navigation and interface for Sketchfab. Sketchfab is relatively on the upper end of visualization. It would be ideal to continue development for advancing the capabilities. Not just in software partnerships but also future advancements. VR/AR is here and will be a larger impact within our lives. If there are more robust navigation for mobile navigation, presentation capabilities, wireless interface. You can tap into many other markets. If anyone in the community is interested in working on this please contact me.

(Bisenberger) #9

Any developments on Space Navigator support?


We experiment with it occasionally, but it’s not currently on the roadmap.

(Sastun1962) #11

Hi to all, it will be really interesting put more functionality to the interaction between a Sketchfab model and a 3Dconnexion mouse. And, if possible not only using Chrome browser, but also Firefox. Any chance to have it? all my best