3D e-commerce Configurator

Hi everybody,
im not sure if this is right place to ask but im already longer time impressed by the configurator showcases as this one:

And i would love to get in touch with someone who has experience with that and would like to help me with introduction into this world of adjusting API from sketchfab, or even better to collaborate with me to create one one of them?
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

If its not a right place for this kind of questions / requests, feel free to delete my post.

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Hi @OVERHEAD, I’m glad you like that configurator. I built it!
When looking at 3d configurators, the 3d model of course attracts the most attention. And rightly so. But a fancy 3d model won’t do any good when the UX and UI is bad, or when the site won’t work on mobile devices.
For commercial projects I’d recommend focusing on the design first, or to collaborate with a good designer.
For the 3d stuff, you can take a look at the API documentation. It contains a lot of code examples: Viewer API - Examples - Sketchfab
I also have a collection on codepen to get you started with some basics: https://codepen.io/collection/yrgOaV


Hi :slight_smile: Thanks for your answer.

All what you write its correct, and i understand it completely because our second company/brand is a design studio and I myself studied design and work in big international company for many years as designer :slight_smile: so i believe the UI side we can cover well, but unfortunately we are missing a programmer for js, therefore it would be awesome to learn more from you. Would you be open for a short call, i would love to hear your opinion about our work. Thank you, Tomas