3D Fog - linear and exponential fog feature

Sketchfab’s 3D viewer is very powerful ,almost like a Game engine.i really like to put my model first in sketchfab to see how it looks before taking it to game engine.

as, i mainly create environment level designs for games and most of my models in sketchfab is an environment.doing so i had this thought, how cool it would be if sketchfab has Environmental effects such as Fog …linear or exponential. adding this feature can make environment and levels models look great in the viewer and it will add the depth to the scene.so the game developers like me can easily see how the scene is gonna look like in the actual game engine.

i dont know if it too much to ask for a web based 3d viewer.but i believe sketchfab can make it.

Thank you!


Thanks, I’ll add your +1 to the idea!

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+1 to the idea.