3D Images and avatars on main site not loading


It seems today that on the main site 3D previews, avatars, and categories are simply not loading. I’ve cleared my cache, tried incognito mode, and tried another browser, but the problem seems to be the same. I’m unable to upload anything as when I click the upload button it just goes to my main profile page. I am using Windows 8.1 as an operating system.

I would like to note additionally that just two days ago I managed to upload a model to my uploads and everything was working fine.

Has there been any changes to the site’s code, perhaps phasing out slightly older OS or browsers? Or maybe this is some kind of server side outage or Cloudflare hosting?

Are you still seeing the issue now?

Everything looks like it’s working to me in the browsers I’ve tried, so it may have been a temp hosting issue as you suggested

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Just woke up and tested it now, everything is back to normal and
working as it was. I guess it was just a temporary server issue,
crisis averted!