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3d model blinking when dynamically change texture

(Madalin Berechet) #1

Using setMaterial( material, [callback] ) cause 3d model blinking (texture), especially when the material has more textures, or one heavy texture, e.g.; Sketchfab Material Showcase

When the texture is changed for the first time (loaded from server, cors enabled)) the blink effect is even more visible. To change the texture I've used the old setMaterial(),not the new function updateTexture()

Here (Sketchfab Exeperiments 360º video), where the texture probably is changing every frame, the effect completely wreck the image:

Both on Chrome 59.0.3071.104 (Build oficial) (64 bits) / Firefox 54.


Hmm, thanks for the report.

@nehon or @stephomi any idea?

(Madalin Berechet) #3

The models that use transparent background have flicker now:
Yes they were pixelated a bit, but there was no flicker.
Also a black outline highlights all geometry.

(Stephomi) #4

The transparency background and black outline will be fixed shortly.

(Madalin Berechet) #5

About the textures blinking (fade to white), do you consider adding a transition effect when a texture is updated?

(Stephomi) #6

We don't plan on adding a transition.
The material showcase is not using the regular viewerAPI, do you have an example where we can reproduce the blink?

(Madalin Berechet) #7

Example of blinking texture (fade to white)
I am using classsic renderer, but the same is happenning when using PBR renderer.
Also I am using postprocessing effects: SSAO and Sharpness

(Stephomi) #8

Thanks, we can reproduce the issue, we'll investigate and keep you up to date!

(Rawinteractive) #9

Hi, my client has also noticed this asked about it, any update on this? Thanks