3D model of a building interior

(Horowitz Sam) #1

I want to showcase the interior of a few office buildings using 3D photography and then upload to Sketchfab. Are there any recommended devices (cameras, etc) that are easy to use and work well?

(Bart) #2

Hi Sam,

do you intend to shoot pictures and use those as texture maps on a simplified model, or are you considering doing a photogrammetry reconstruction?

(Horowitz Sam) #3

Full photogrammetry reconstruction. I was thinking that something like the Nikon KeyMission 360 or Kodak SP360 might do it. But I think they only take a single picture, not the series of pictures required by Sketchfab. Any thoughts?

(Bart) #4

Hmm I don't know much about those I'm afraid. @abbyec - any ideas?

(Abby Crawford) #5

I would think that a regular digital camera ought to do it - so much depends on your budget. I'm not very familiar with the two camera models you mention, but it looks like they essentially take panoramas, which would have too much distortion for accurate 3D reconstruction.

Maybe take a peek at this for some tips: http://blog.sketchfab.com/post/121838008009/how-to-set-up-a-successful-photogrammetry-project

(Andrew Leahy) #6

Hi Sam, I think you may be confusing 360 spherical photography with photogrammetry. If you want to produce 'indoor Street View' experiences then the cameras you mentioned may be okay. Typically for photogrammetry a good fixed-lens camera is what is needed to take photos that then need to be processed into a 3D model using software like Agisoft PhotoScan before being uploaded & shared with Sketchfab.

Photogrammetry at the moment is pretty good at single objects and outdoor "organic" scenes where our eyes are pretty forgiving. It's really hard to get great hard-edge/straight-line geometry that is necessary for architecture. You can see what photogrammetry looks like in indoor 'real estate' context at https://sketchfab.com/alx3ddesigns. Matterport are doing some neat stuff in this space - http://matterport.com/

The other method is to build a model using 3D CAD and 3D modelling applications. Great for architecture students & firms, not so good for real estate agents! Checkout the Kitchens by WNS-Studio at https://sketchfab.com/wns-studio