3D Model textures not working on Garry's Mod

So I downloaded a 3D model from Sketchfab to use in Garry’s Mod. The model works fine as a ragdoll in Gmod but the textures don’t. In Blender they appear normally on the model. Help? Here’s the model: The Carry-On Kitty - Download Free 3D model by shorktf2 (@shorktf2) [ae59e51] - Sketchfab

This is probably a question for Garry’s Mod support, and not us? If the file works in Blender, then it’s valid…

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This is someone on reddit. Maybe it will help:

"You need to convert the .obj to a .mdl with a .vmt (Textures) and .vtf (Text file).

Only once it’s converted into a format that the source-engine can understand, then you can spawn using Garrysmod/place into hammer."

And a link:

Never tried this, so can’t be sure it will work.

Here is the original post:

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