3D model uploaded - structure there but no image


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I'm new to 3D modelling and all that is associated. I've actually started getting into this area via aerial imagery....

Anyway, I exported and obj file, mtl file and associated jpgs from Drone Deploy and then tried to upload to Sketchfab. The problem is I can see the structure but it has no colour, no texture. Strange because when I use the link directly from Drone Deploy it looks like sketchfab does indeed show the 3D model with its colours and textures correctly.

Am I missing something such as a particular file?

Thanks, Chris

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Folders should look like this

Then pack it into a zip.
(under edit 3d settings - materials)
If not you can use this to pick a material, if it doesn't work select "manage textures"

and import them with the blue button


Hi Chris,

I just took a look at this model: https://sketchfab.com/models/88c41f79700345fe9652ae32c44ee1d7

You only uploaded the OBJ. You need to upload the OBJ, MTL and texture(s) together.

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Thank you so much!
That works a treat!!!!