3D Modeling a 3D Printed Spacecraft

(Mikeymolitch) #1

Hi there. I'm Michael Molitch-Hou, a volunteer for Enterprise In Space. We're working to 3D print a spacecraft to send into Earth orbit carrying 100+ experiments from student teams AND a connection to an artificial intelligence platform back on Earth. We're looking for a volunteer to help us create a texture map for our 3D model for sharing on Sketchfab.

This is what we've got!

And we seek to have it look like this:

If you're interested in being a part of an exciting space project, please let me know by emailing michael.molitchhou@gmail.com. We will promote your work and list you on our friends and partners pages! Once we're funded, there may be opportunities for paid work in the near future!

Thanks so much!

(The Timeburner) #2

Do you have a Blueprint of that Space craft? The Concept looks great. The model,not so much.(or is it just me,cause im new) I am not a texture artist,nor I know how to.But,I believe that,that model can be modelled better. :smile:

(Davidfbarruz) #3

Wow, So interesting!
I will tell this to my Students #barruz3dstudent

(Mikeymolitch) #4

Thanks to Alex Meister for his amazing work texturing (and modeling) our (soon-to-be) 3D-printed spacecraft!

Enterprise In Space - NSS Enterprise by EIS on Sketchfab

(Nomadking) #5

He did a great job on it too :smile: