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3D modelling Live stream re-launch (Blender modelling on

(Alexanderesmith) #1

Hey all,

I don't know how many of you were viewers before, but I am relaunching my stream and I wanted to extend an invitation to all who are interested;

My live stream focuses on photo-real 3d renders made with Blender, and in the case of my Sketchfab works, baked textures to carry that realism over to an interactive view.

Please join me on Saturday, March 7th at . I'll be starting at 9am MST (GMT -7). I plan to stream for most of the day (lots to do!) so feel free to stop by throughout. This stream is being brought to you by Microsoft (who sent me a Surface Pro 3 to model on / stream from) and Sketchfab (who asked them to do it smiley )

Also, please feel free to post here with any questions you may have about blender, Sketchfab's usage, or the Surface's ability to wrangle each of them. I'll be covering the questions during the on-stream, and posting a Youtube link here afterwards (In case you miss it live).

See you all there!

Alexander E. Smith

(theStoff) #2

Have you ever done any rigging or animation in Blender? I find those are interesting topics to cover :slight_smile: