3D Models are not loading

Is anyone else having issues loading models in your browser? For any model, whether it’s a free model or in our own account, the loading bar stops and does not load.

For instance, this model as a random example: Akira Bike - Download Free 3D model by Ryanwill679 (@Ryanwill679) [a5b1dc4] - Sketchfab

I have not yet seen a topic on this recently so I created a new one.



Yep, nothing loading for me as well.

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Same here, models not loading.

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Same issue for me. Sketchfab crashed ?

I am having the same issue the progress bar on model loading seems to be hanging. I have checked with other users and they have the same issues.

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same here!

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There was a site wide issue that has been resolved now :+1:

Yesterday no problems, but today the 3d models aren’t loading
What is going on? mac os 12.3.1 Safari not working. Chrome is working correctly.

same here … what i do??? i get back, and enter again … 1 or 2 times

BTW … how do you manage the transparency and refraction? please share

Checked with other users and around an hour ago models failed to load., the progress bar is hanging. I have tried quitting and relaunching but the issue persists.

The same problems has been reported in another post, you are not alone !

Many thanks for letting me know

Hey all, we had an issue with our release earlier this week which led to some models not loading for a short time. This should not happen now anymore though, and we cannot reproduce recent issues. If you continue to run into problems, please:

  • Test in an incognito window to rule our caching issues
  • Report the model URL as well as your Browser and OS, and their versions.


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