3D object reconstruction and environment modelling - Budapest, Hungary


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About this service

Polydesign is a provider of 3D object reconstruction and environment modelling services. We use aerial or ground photos to reconstruct reality by using advanced photogrammetric techniques. Our clients enjoy quick turnaround times and reasonable pricing along with high flexibility and customizability on the offered solution. We provide an end-to-end solution for all the modelling needs, where photo based reconstruction is applicable. From the production of the raw material to advanced analysis we are happy to be stretched to the limits and learn from your project as well.

  • References/former clients:
    • Several municipalities and city planners for planning and city management
    • Garment industry for quality assurance by sharing models among facilities
    • Built heritage protection for reconstruction planning
    • Archeology for presentation
    • Railway and road planning and reconstruction
  • Website: http://www.fototerkep.hu

  • How to contact: info@fototerkep.hu

Service description

  • Specialisation: aerial or ground photo based photogrammetric object reconstruction and environment modelling
  • Equipment/software: Aerial photographic equipment, photo studio, makeshift studios for on-site photo shooting. All necessary software for the production, presentation and measurements of models.
  • Location: with offices at Budapest, Hungary we currently serve the Hungarian market, looking to expand abroad
  • Ability to travel: All Europe.
  • Resolution: from 1 mm/pixel to 20 cm/pixel
  • Guaranteed accuracy: depending on a lot of factors. We have the experience to best make use of available conditions.
  • Max / min scannable sizes: Anything that can be taken photos of. From small objects to whole cities.
  • Textures: textures are automatically built from the photos taken
  • Deliverable file formats: obj, tif, dae, dxf, sketchup, CAD & GIS formats
  • Additional services: Deliverying custom 3D GIS systems for data presentation, analysis. Advanced spatial analysis.
  • Costs: Very reasonable with quick turnaround times

Service-specific information

From all the areas we excel in aerial mapping and modelling. Using our own electronics and customized cameras we are able to produce the material for planning road or railway, measure mine raw material production, and create the maps for smart cities to model the future.

  • Aerial vector: Plane and/or UAV
  • Georeferenced: yes
  • Viewing software provided: free Virtual Surveyor Viewer, Sketchfab for web based viewing
  • Measurement tool: Virtual Surveyor licensed versions


Öltöny5 by Polydesign on Sketchfab


Géza fejedelem by Polydesign on Sketchfab


Budajenő kápolna légi és földi by Polydesign on Sketchfab