3d print prep. please help!

(Xoscbxo) #1

I am entirely new to the SketchFab and 3D printing world. I know very little about modding, coding, graphic design and the type of work that goes into the creations on this site.
I found myself on this site after being an avid player of the game DOOM and I was looking for reference material to recreate an icon from the game called the "soul cube" through a local 3D printer. To my surprise member s.altair actually created a 3D rendition and it was an available OBJ file!
I gave the file/link to the guy who would be doing the 3D printing for me, but he said that the file was loading in a really small scale. It showed as 7x8x7 millimeters and we want to reproduce this at least 4x5x4 inches.
It was suggested to me by James on this forum to see if maybe a software like MeshLab would work for the scale issue, but I still don't know the where to start and Im hoping to find someone who is experienced in the SketchFab/MeshLab/3D printing field enough to help me prep this design and so can finally have this printed.
This is the link to the "soul cube" design https://sketchfab.com/models/afeb9ee50e4a4a12b6dd0ef64740ffbe .
If anyone can help me prep this design I would be BEYOND greatful. Please feel free to post or message me on here or email me at xoscbxo@gmail.com.
Thank you much for reading!

(Bart) #2


you might be able to find someone to help you with this here, but we're not a 3D printing community. You might have better luck on the Shapeways forums.

(Xoscbxo) #3

Sounds good. I will be sure to head over to their forum and see if they help me with what I need. Thanks, Bart!