3D Printshow Berlin: Community Help

Sketchfab is sponsoring the Printlab at the 3D Printshow, together with Ultimaker. I’ll be in Berlin next week from Thursday, March 26 until Saturday, March 28. It would be great if I could find some local community members to help me out!

Do you have time to help us (part of) a day, and do you enjoy talking to people about Sketchfab and maybe 3D printing? Then come join us! I’ll get you free access to the show, food and drinks and you’ll have a great opportunity to explore the show and do some networking. Just leave a message below if you’re interested to join us.

Here’s what our booth in Madrid last week looked like. And before I forget, we also have a community meetup next Wednesday.

See you in Berlin?

So to be a little more explicit, I’m looking for people to help me:

  • Staff the Printlab for (part of ) a day.
  • Explain Sketchfab to visitors, show them the website and help them download models.
  • Have fun :smile:

I’m bringing Sketchfab T-shirts (which you can keep afterwards) and other goodies.

If you’re interested, could you please indicated on which days and during which times you’re available?


my Name is Julian Allescher. I am living in Berlin and I am a 3D Game Artist (preferably Rigging and Animation, but also Modelling :wink: )

I’d like to help you out with the Printlab at the 3D Printshow.
I will be available for help on Thursday and Friday.

Entrance is free for Volunteers? Do I need to bring something? May i print my own models there? :smiley:

greets from Berlin Baumschulenweg


Hello Bart,

sounds very interesting to me! I have an Ultimaker2 at home and I’m teaching occasionally Grasshopper courses for the local McNeel reseller here in Berlin.

At the moment I’m trying to set up a start-up which involves digital design and manufacturing, so would be interesting to me to meet you guys there and help you out.

I will be available Friday and Saturday (all day)


Best, Chris

Yeah, I’ll make sure everyone gets a free ticket. That’s only to the show I think, not the conference. You don’t need to bring anything, and sure, if there’s a slow time at the booth there’s always time to print some (small) objects!

I’m writing down everyone’s availability and will get a sort of ‘schedule’ up for discussion asap.

Hi all,

My name is Olivier.
I did some research on 3D printing, the programming part.
I have experience mainly with Objet and ZCorp printers (yes we had a budget :smile:) but I think I should be able to talk about other printers and show them the website.

I will be available on Saturday.
Best, Olivier

Hey there Bart,
Benjamin (sponagelb) and I are available for Thursday.
Unfortunately we don’t have much experience in 3D printing aside from some personal projects I got printed some time ago.
We do however use sketchfab rather frequently for university.
Therefor we would like to help explaining Sketchfab to the visitors.

Best, Svenja

Hi all,

thanks for the responses so far! Just to be clear: 3D printing knowledge is not a requirement - we’ll be there to talk mostly about Sketchfab, although it’s a great bonus if you know about 3DP :smile:

The schedule is already coming together nicely, I’ll wrap it up on monday!

Hey all,

I just received 1,000 flyers! #gettingReadyToRoll