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3d quality looks better in mobile safari than app


(Pete Dev) #1

Hi there,

Just getting into sketchfab, sorry if this is the wrong spot for this (also I haven’t found any similar articles but I may have searched badly). I just noticed that when I send someone a link to my model and they view it in mobile safari it looks pretty cool, but if they open it up in app, it doesn’t look as good. It just seems to miss out on some of the post effects and looks kinda basic.
Is there an option for that or something? Just seems kinda wrong… I would have thought if anything, it would have been better in app.


(Pete Dev) #2

Here’s a little example -

It looks like the app version doesn’t have any post effects. But that seems strange as the device can render them fine in the web view…


Hmm, I think we might disable some post-processing filters in the app.


@arthurjamain maybe?

(Arthur Jamain) #5

Post processes were indeed batch disabled in the app on iOS for technical reasons ; unfortunately, contrary to intuition, the in-app browser is not performing as well as safari.

We’re looking at reenabling it, since a generation has passed since then.

(Pete Dev) #6

Thanks @arthurjamain!
It is great by the way that it runs so well in the standard browser since you can easily send links to pretty much anyone regardless of if they have the app.