3D scanning and touch screen exhibits - Canberra, Australia

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About this service
Hello, I'm Ricky Vuckovic, and I run a Canberra-based creative technology studio.

  • 3D scanning of objects, artefacts and places.
  • Putting interactive 3D scans up on websites and into online courses.
  • Making interactive touch screens for browsing 3D scans on the big screen.
  • Mobile app development, for instance looking at your 3D scans in an iPad app.
  • Augmented Reality - see your 3D scanned object overlaid into real life.
  • Virtual Reality - Oculus VR, Google Cardboard, be inside your 3D scanned environment!
  • Training for individuals and small groups wishing to learn 3D scanning techniques.

I will come to your location for 3D scanning - no need to transport your precious artefacts.

Recent client - ANU Classics Museum
The ANU Classics Museum houses a beautiful collection of ancient Roman and Greek artefacts. I 3D scanned some of these artefacts, many dating to around 500 BC - 100 AD, and made them available on the museum's website, plus a large touch screen installation of the scans for a special event.

  • The scans are loved by the museum's curator,
  • The archaelogical scientists (who have a profession in making sure these things are accurate) were amazed with the detail in the scans,
  • And the incoming Vice Chancellor of the university, a Nobel Prize laureate, was incredibly impressed.

Another creative use of 3D scanning
I have given people joy through the creative use of 3D scanning a doughnut, and making it appear on a coaster through an Augmented Reality iPhone app.

Contact me
Ricky Vuckovic
Phone in Australia: 0415 148 098
Phone from outside Australia: +61 415 148 098

Service description

  • Specialisation:
    Detailed photogrammetry, museum artefacts, items for education, ground-level locations (not aerial photography).
  • Equipment/software:
    Variety of camera equipment depending on the job, Agisoft PhotoScan, many other tools for refining and cleaning 3D scans. I match the gear to whatever you need scanned.
  • Location:
    Canberra, Australia
  • Ability to travel:
    My gear travels with me, and I can get to most areas of Australia with ease. International jobs are indeed possible but require more time in arranging.
  • Resolution:
    Depending on your end-needs, resolution ranges from game-ready 10K polys and single texture, up to high detail >1M polygons and multiple 4K textures.
  • Guaranteed accuracy:
    Small items such as vases are typically 1mm accuracy. Large items and locations depend on the job.
  • Max / min scannable sizes:
    Haven't hit a limit yet!
  • Textures:
    Texture size depends on the job. I provide accurate surface detail and can also recreate lighting and shininess.
  • Deliverable file formats:
    • If you want the raw scans: FBX/OBJ/MAX/etc.
    • If you're embedding into a website or online learning system, I'll help you get this up and running in a web page.

Additional services:
Each job is a tailored service depending on what you need the scans for:

  • Showcasing your 3D scans in an interactive touch screen.
  • iPad/iPhone/Android mobile app for viewing 3D scans.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) app for seeing 3D scans mixed into the real world.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) experiences inside your 3D scanned location (Oculus, Gear VR, Google Cardboard, etc)
  • If you have another creative need (e.g. Kinect camera control of an ancient statue) then just reach out and ask me!

Depends on the job/complexity/travel/number items.
For example, a scan like the ancient Roman and Greek items in the examples below might be around $600 per item to show up on location at that museum, set up one of their spare rooms for scanning the items, scanning, processing, recreating extra effects like shininess if needed, adding descriptions, checking the item with the client, uploading for viewing online and working with their webmaster to get it running smoothly on their site.

Why scan with me?

  • I put the care into coming to you and tailoring the 3D scans to your needs, rather than making you show up to me and fitting you into a particular job template.
  • I have experience in handling and scanning delicate objects 2,500 years old.
  • My background covers both cool technology like 3D scanning and multimedia production, as well as educational design and cultural exhibitions, and I'll take the time to understand the audience you have in mind for your 3D scanning request.


Attic black-figure amphora: The Johnson Vase by Ricky Vuckovic on Sketchfab

Figurine of a gladiator by Ricky Vuckovic on Sketchfab