3D scanning and VR content, Immersio - SF Bay area

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About this service

Immersio is a full-service creative 3D interactive experience studio located in San Francisco, California. We offer 3D scanning, Virtual Reality experience creation, and general interactive 3d content creation and design services.

  • References/former clients:
    Some of our clients include: Matterport (we built their GearVR 3d scan viewer), Accenture, Leap Motion, Zspace, SeeBright, and Unity.

  • Website: http://immers.io

  • How to contact: eriks@immers.io
    or call us at (303) 817-1375

Service description

  • Specialisation: We specialize in 3D scanning indoor spaces and people. We also specialize in creating 3D (VR) interactive experiences.
  • Equipment/software: 3d scanning equipment: Matterport, Occipital, or Faro technology. Software: Unity3D, Unreal, WebGL, Ruby.
  • Location: SF Bay area.
  • Ability to travel: We are available to travel anywhere in the bay area and up to 45 miles out.
  • Resolution: 0.1mm using Faro technology. Matterport is less precise and varies based on the size of the space.
  • Max / min scannable sizes: Approx 30K sqft.
  • Textures: Color texture are included in the 3d scanned model.
  • Deliverable file formats: FBX or OBJ. We can do other formats if requested (such as PLY, STL, etc).
  • Additional services: We can do 3d model cleanup and custom interactive experiences as well.
  • Costs: $400-$1000 per day or custom quote, depending on the size of the space being scanned, or if we are doing custom content creation. For 3d scanning people, we generally charge $150 per hour (about 10 people / scans per hour).

Service-specific information

  • Viewing software provided: Sketchfab - Matterport viewer, Custom viewer made to fit your brand
  • Measurement tool: Annotations, distance : included with Matterport viewer


3D scan of an art gallery (message me to see our custom VR and webGL art gallery experience, inspired from this scan):

Head scan:

Palmer Luckey by Immersio on Sketchfab

3d scan (3D mesh) of a house:

Roomy house by Immersio on Sketchfab