3D scanning services and 3D printing in Full color Manila Philippines

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About this service

[Nanoselfie3D - Offers Full Color Scanning and 3D printing in Manila, Philippines]

Service description

  • Specialisation: [We are professional in scanning people for 3D printing or displaying on
    websites, we also scan objects for displaying 3D models on websites.]
  • Equipment/software: [Photogrammery, Structure sensor, Xtion pro, High-end Cameras]
  • Location: [Manila, Philippines]
  • Ability to travel: [ Anywhere in Philippines]
  • Resolution: 0.1mm
  • Guaranteed accuracy: Dependent upon object to be scanned
  • Max / min scannable sizes: minimum size is a head, maximum size is a full person, For object around 2 inches x 2inches x 2 inches
  • Textures: Full colour textures are applied to every model
  • Deliverable file formats: .obj, .wrl, .stl, .ply
  • Additional services: [3d post scan clean up, 3d model generation, 3d sculpture and any other 3d related design]
  • Costs: Costs vary depending on quantity of subjects to scan and distance needed to travel

Service-specific information

  • We offer: Full Colour 3D scanning and full colour 3D printing
  • Corporate scanning: Display your products in 3D on your website. We can also make it fully interactive 3D for your website or for trade show
  • Private events: Weddings, graduations and special occasions. We post 3d Scanned image to our facebook page which people can share it to their facebook wall..


Gundam Mask by nanoselfie3d on Sketchfab

Mio Hanzel by nanoselfie3d on Sketchfab

Model Blogger by nanoselfie3d on Sketchfab

Borgy Full Body by nanoselfie3d on Sketchfab

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Thanks for an opportunity, I'll discuss it with my friend and we'll probably write to you :slight_smile: