3D Scanning Services in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

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About this service:
Vaunt 3D is a 3D Scanning and printing Provider in New Orleans, LA. USA. We are specialized in 3D Scanning of People and . We are a team of photographers, artists and Printing specialists who strive to capture the most Photoreal images of actors, people and objects we can.

References/former clients: Megatonn3D, Rufflecon 2015
Website: www.Vaunt3d.com
How to contact: Adam@Vaunt3d.com

Service description

Specialisation: 3d image capture of people/ architecture and prototyping in all sizes
Equipment/software: Custom Photogrammetry Rig, Breeze Systems, Agisoft, Cannon,
Location: New Orleans, LA. USA
Ability to travel: Worldwide
Resolution: 0.01 - 0.1 mm accuracy (if needed).
Guaranteed accuracy: 0.1mm accuracy for pointclouds
Max / min scannable sizes: from 1cm to big objects, like houses, castles...
Textures: yes
Deliverables: Printed objects in full color, plastic, ABS, Nylon, Wax
Files: stl, obj, pdf, sketchfab, ply, txt, las and much more
Additional services: We provide 3d Renderings for architects and interior designersl
Costs: depends on project / Please ask
Service-specific information

Georeferenced: yes
Viewing software provided: Sketchfab


Dame Rachel Scott
by Vaunt 3D
on Sketchfab

by Vaunt 3D
on Sketchfab

by Vaunt 3D
on Sketchfab