3D Scanning Thursday #32: Freedom

Congrats to crlnvl, winner of #3DST31 Workplace with his Desk scan.

Taking the events of the past week into account, he picked 'Freedom' as our next theme. What does freedom mean to you? And what kind of objects in your life represent it? Give it some thought this week and share your best scans here.

We'll be running the 3DST contest on our forum. To participate:

  • post your entry on this thread (just copy/paste the URL into your reply).
  • tag your entry with 3DST32

Prize: get your work featured, and win a $25 3D Hubs Coupon. A unique chance to get your scan printed!


  • Make a 3D scan of something that represents freedom to you by Thursday, January 15th (find great 3D scanning apps here).
  • Share it on your own Sketchfab account, tag it with #3DST32 and post it on this thread (just write down the URL in a reply), and if you like add some comment to it.
  • The author of the model getting the most likes by the following Sunday is featured, wins a $25 3D Hubs 3D printing coupon and gets to chose the following theme.
  • Multiple entries are ok.
  • Entries scanned before theme announcement are not ok.
  • To know everything about #3DST including great tutorials, check this blog post.

cage.dae by vespertine on Sketchfab

Freedom - #3DST32 by Abby Crawford on Sketchfab

Great entry @abbyec! I'm still looking around my house to find the right things smile

Here are my entries:

Freedom of Movement: Car Keys #3DST32 by Bart on Sketchfab

Freedom of distratcion: Bose QC25 Headphones by Bart on Sketchfab

My entry. Hard to scan metallic surfaces!

Cube creation freedom #3DST32 by alban on Sketchfab

Congrats to R0m1R, winner of #3DST31 Workplace with his Freedom of expression scan!

Our new topic is 'Kitchen'. Enjoy!