3D Scanning Thursday 40: Miniatures

(Bart) #1

The winner of 3DST39 "Travel"

I invited Crlnvl, winner of 3DST39, to pick this week's winner and tell us a bit about his choice. He says:

The choice for this week was difficult and I hesitated between the French Lantern Clock and the Hiking Boot. In the end I think the Hiking Boot from Tobias is the best one : there are a lot of details, particulary for the shoelaces. The texture is great (even if we can see "shadow effect" from the shoelaces on the shoe) and the shoe can be viewed at any angle. Also the normal map seems very neat. It is a wonderful scan!

Hiking Boots - #3DST39 by TobiasNoell on Sketchfab

Congrats @TobiasNoell! The $25 3D Hubs voucher is coming your way.

Check out all the entries of 3DST39 here.

This week's topic: Miniatures

This week we're looking for miniatures. Maybe you like to assemble and paint your own miniature models, or you have a replica or statue of something at your place? Scan it to win the $25 3D Hubs Voucher!

Miniature garden by Siradech Surit on Sketchfab

About 3D Scanning Thursday (3DST)

Welcome to the 3DST!

Hey, nice of you to join us! The 3DST is a weekly community challenge for 3D Scanning enthusiasts. Participating is about fun and honor, although we do offer a modest prize.

How do I participate?

We pick a new topic every week and you enter by creating a 3D scan using any tool you like ([here's a list of 3D scanning apps][scanning_apps] that you could use). Don't take the topic too literally, just let the topic be your inspiration for this week.

After uploading, tag your work with the 3DST39 tag so everyone can view the contest gallery. For extra fun, post your entry below (just write down the URL in a reply).

The submission deadline is Thursday before midnight.

What can I win?

3D Hubs is sponsoring the 3DST with a $25 3D printing coupon. Thanks guys!

Cool, anything else?

We only have a few additional rules:

  • You can submit as many entries as you like.
  • Entries scanned before theme announcement are not ok.

That's about it! If you have any questions, let me know. Otherwise, have a great weekend and enjoy creating your 3D scans!

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3D Scanning Thursday 39: Travel
(Carpetudo) #2

Congratulations, @TobiasNoell! Those Hiking Boots are just awesome. I'm also happy that the French Lantern Clock, technically, got the second place. smiley

(Carpetudo) #3

Here's my try this week: a 15th century St. Peter statue made of Nottiingham alabaster.

It's a local museum piece and it was part of a 12 piece altar with all 12 apostles. It was vandalized and this was the only piece that survived. Before you ask, that's also why this is a headless St. Peter. smile

S. Pedro | St. Peter by Morbase (Carlos Carpetudo) on Sketchfab

(Roelveldhuyzen) #4

This was a nice opportunity to do a photogrammetry scan of one of my Boba Fett action figures smile

Black Series 6" Boba Fett by Roel Veldhuyzen on Sketchfab

(Digitage) #5

Great topic this week, we will propose two miniature models then !

here is our first :

#3DST40 Zoro from One Piece by Digitage on Sketchfab

And our second (could definitely have been proposed last week too smile ) :

#3DST40 Citroen T45 Bus Miniature by Digitage on Sketchfab

Hope you like them !

(Bart) #6

My two entries! I think the box of dinos is the best one I've done to date:

Box of Dinos- #3DST40 by Bart on Sketchfab

And I wanted to try something fluffy too wink

Doggie - #3DST40 by Bart on Sketchfab

(Luis Rodriguez) #7

This small statue (6,8mm high) has been around my house since I can remember. When I saw the full body 3dprinted miniatures it came clear to my mind that classic "I've seen this before!". It is made in non magnetic metal (I cannot tell if plumb or a mixture because it is hard), hand painted and with a small wood plate. It always amazed me how close the look of my grandfather was captured. It is just like him!

Jose Marino by Luis Rodriguez on Sketchfab

and another scan:

Miniatures by Luis Rodriguez on Sketchfab

and one more:

Snow leopard miniature by Luis Rodriguez on Sketchfab

(Bart) #8

Okay, one more! @james, @tribble42 and I were chatting about Zelda the Wind Waker today in the Sketchfab chatbox when I remembered this little fellow (about 4 cm high) smile

Link #3DST40 by Bart on Sketchfab


I'm trying to get better with Trnio. Clearly not there yet. I did this too fast because the shopkeeper was starting to give me funny looks.

Small Elephant Statue #3DST40 by PadreZippo on Sketchfab

(Forty2) #10

My contribution of the week :smiley:

(Pierre-Antoine) #11

Hand-painted miniatures !

Captain - Morheim by Pierre-Antoine on Sketchfab

(Pierre-Antoine) #12

Trollish Creature by Pierre-Antoine on Sketchfab

(Alban) #13

My contribution!

Baby crying #3DST40 by alban on Sketchfab

(Alban) #14

And MiniMe!

MiniMe :) by alban on Sketchfab

(Tauricity) #15

Alright, I went a little nuts this time, I have 6 entries. But it was good practice. (DoF is sooooo important for photogrammetry.) Added here are the descriptions from each, because, really, I went nuts.

Terracotta Warrior 1: Ever wanted your own personal afterlife army for your underground city/royal tomb? Well, here's your start!

Terracotta Warrior 1 #3dst40 by John Fino (tauricity) on Sketchfab

Terracotta Warrior 2: Each of your personal eternal guardians is fully unique! No longer do you have to actually sacrifice your staff to get that personal touch in your empire in heaven.

Terracotta Warrior 2 #3dst40 by John Fino (tauricity) on Sketchfab

Terracotta Warrior 3: You'll have no fear of invading spectral Mongolian hordes with these tough fellows around to protect your non-corporeal self!

Terracotta Warrior 3 #3dst40 by John Fino (tauricity) on Sketchfab

Terracotta Warrior 4: Under your earthen necropolis, you'll live forever surrounded by lackeys who will selflessly obey your every command! They're clay, they have no choice!

Terracotta Warior 4 #3dst40 by John Fino (tauricity) on Sketchfab

Terracotta Warrior 5: Think of all the menial tasks other non-emperor/deities have to suffer through in the afterlife. But not you! Your own personal staff bows properly and politely whenever your float by.

Terracotta Warrior 5 #3dst40 by John Fino (tauricity) on Sketchfab

Terracotta Horse: Your personal afterlife army will outpace all the others because yours will be on horseback! Imagine your spiritual cavalry effortlessly sailing through enemy apparitions on their way to victory!

Terracotta Warrior Horse by John Fino (tauricity) on Sketchfab

(Bart) #16

Hey folks! @TobiasNoell picked the winner for this round and we announced the new topic! Check it out, and have a great weekend smile