3D Scanning Thursday 41: Red

(Bart) #1

The winner of 3DST40 "Miniatures"

I invited TobiasNoell, winner of 3DST39, to pick this week's winner and tell us a bit about his choice.

During my lunchbreak I could manage to quickly look at the scanned miniatures. I definitely liked the "Box of Dinos" most. It's a complex scan with a lot of occlusions and complexity. Nevertheless, most structures are well captured with a remarkable level of detail also at the lower "layers" of dinos. Nice result!
Appearantly, you happen to be the author of the scan, so I hope this is not against the rules wink

Yeah it does feel a little awkward to write my own name here, but at the same time I'm rather proud of my result, so why not! I'll pass on the $25 prize though - we'll keep that for the next round.

Box of Dinos- #3DST40 by Bart on Sketchfab

Congrats @Bartv smile

Check out all the entries of 3DST40 here.

This week's topic: Red

So today during lunch in Sketchfab Paris we were talking about a new topic, and we settled on Red (to give you a little insight into the complex thought patterns that lead to such decisions: our pizza boxes were red wink. I think it's a great idea, and so this week anything goes as long as it's red!

Captured 3D me by alban on Sketchfab

About 3D Scanning Thursday (3DST)

Welcome to the 3DST!

Hey, nice of you to join us! The 3DST is a weekly community challenge for 3D Scanning enthusiasts. Participating is about fun and honor, although we do offer a modest prize.

How do I participate?

We pick a new topic every week and you enter by creating a 3D scan using any tool you like ([here's a list of 3D scanning apps][scanning_apps] that you could use). Don't take the topic too literally, just let the topic be your inspiration for this week.

After uploading, tag your work with the 3DST41 tag so everyone can view the contest gallery. For extra fun, post your entry below (just write down the URL in a reply).

The submission deadline is Thursday before midnight.

What can I win?

3D Hubs is sponsoring the 3DST with a $25 3D printing coupon. Thanks guys!

Cool, anything else?

We only have a few additional rules:

  • You can submit as many entries as you like.
  • Entries scanned before theme announcement are not ok.

That's about it! If you have any questions, let me know. Otherwise, have a great weekend and enjoy creating your 3D scans!

3D Scanning Thursday 40: Miniatures
(Dumenieu) #2

Rereda1dents by Dumenieu Alain on Sketchfab

(Hoang Hiep Vu) #3

My entry, this bar name near Opera House, Paris is in Red !

The American Dream (in RED) by HoangHiepVu on Sketchfab

(Luis Rodriguez) #4

One side of my RED car... I did not choose the color becouse it was second hand opportunity, but after almost ten years after it just couldn't be otherwise. My entry for 3S Scanning Thursday 41:

Red 98 Peugeout Partner side scan by Luis Rodriguez on Sketchfab

(Bart) #5

@dumenieu - you should fix your orientation, see this tutorial:


(Bart) #6

Here are my entries:

RC Car #3DST41 by Bart on Sketchfab

Clay Thing #3DST41 by Bart on Sketchfab

(Dumenieu) #7

ok done, thank you Bart

(Abby Crawford) #8

3DST41 - red toes by Abby Crawford on Sketchfab

Toenail polish: when coloring inside the lines is a good thing

(Dumenieu) #9

nice idea................. smile

(Hoang Hiep Vu) #10

My another entry for this Red subject:

Sculpture in Rue de la Paix, Paris by HoangHiepVu on Sketchfab

The board above the sculpture is Red. I did not notice it when I took photos :). I have nothing that is creative, I just capture the reality in Paris street.


itSeez3d - a red box of fruit and other things in the office

Red Box of Fruit #3DST41 by PadreZippo on Sketchfab


Trnio - red fire hydrant

Fire Hydrant - Ballston Spa, NY #3DST41 by PadreZippo on Sketchfab

(Dumenieu) #13

Noirrouge44 by Dumenieu Alain on Sketchfab


Haha @abbyec nice!

@bartv your clay thing is a little scary...

(Mik1190) #15

My entry, a chainsaw with red body:

Chainsaw #3DST41 by mik1190 on Sketchfab

Again, some parts have been quickly refined in Blender, especially the dark glossy plastics.

Have to agree with bartv clay thing, it's a bit weird...

(Dumenieu) #16

Zoeredsitokftoobj by Dumenieu Alain on Sketchfab

with seamless3d

(Bart) #17

@james, @mik1190 the clay thing was something my kid made in school smile Do you think it's offensive?

@dumenieu 3DST is for 3D Scans only smile

(Dumenieu) #18

Lol yes , scan scan scan , ok , I have often bad memory

Juliecentered by Dumenieu Alain on Sketchfab

(Mik1190) #19

Absolutely not, to me appared as an unusual object/piece of art, that's why wink .

(Alban) #20

my entry:

"I kissed Elvis" #3DST41 by alban on Sketchfab