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3D Scanning Thursday 46: Tools


(Bart) #1

The winner of 3DST45 "My Favorite Board Game"

You all sure like your boardgames! Check out the entries of last week's challenge! I asked the winner of R0m1R, last week's winner, to pick his favorite entry:

I will choose the jenga scan because it's well done and it's remind me so much my childhood ^^ congrats to him

Jenga #3DST45 by istvanbacskulin on Sketchfab

Congrats istvanbacskulin! Your $25 voucher for 3D Hubs is on its way.

This week's topic: Tools

Power Drill by ScanSource 3D on Sketchfab

My toolchest is a thing I'm usually trying to avoid, but this weekend you're going to have to face it: bring it out and pick out your most awesome tools and get them scanned! This one is going to be extra tricky as scanning shiny objects is usually impossible (my tools are all rusty so I'm good). Bonus points for adding PBR effects!

Enjoy smile

About 3D Scanning Thursday (3DST)

Welcome to the 3DST!

Hey, nice of you to join us! The 3DST is a weekly community challenge for 3D Scanning enthusiasts. Participating is about fun and honor, although we do offer a modest prize.

How do I participate?

We pick a new topic every week and you enter by creating a 3D scan using any tool you like ([here's a list of 3D scanning apps][scanning_apps] that you could use). Don't take the topic too literally, just let the topic be your inspiration for this week.

After uploading, tag your work with the 3DST46 tag so everyone can view the contest gallery. For extra fun, post your entry below (just write down the URL in a reply).

The submission deadline is Thursday before midnight.

What can I win?

3D Hubs is sponsoring the 3DST with a $25 3D printing coupon. Thanks guys!

Cool, anything else?

We only have a few additional rules:

  • You can submit as many entries as you like.
  • Entries scanned before theme announcement are not ok.

That's about it! If you have any questions, let me know. Otherwise, have a great weekend and enjoy creating your 3D scans!

3D Scanning Thursday 45: My Favorite Board Game
(Roelveldhuyzen) #2

This tool is very old, but still works =P Plus it looks awesome.
The model was made with a little over 100 photo's, and remeshed to a more sensible poly count.

Pickaxe by Roel Veldhuyzen on Sketchfab

(Mauricesvay) #3

Here's mine. I'm not totally happy with the result, but it'll be good enough smile

Drill #3DST46 by Maurice S. on Sketchfab

(Tauricity) #4

Lousy topology, reflection artifacting on the texture, but keep in mind: every surface on this object was either high-gloss or highly reflective. My first attempt at photogrammetry with a polarizing lens.

No.7 Stanley by John Fino (tauricity) on Sketchfab

(Abby Crawford) #5

This one is rough. For whatever reason the metal pins are a bit patchy. I wouldn't even have uploaded it had I not been pleased as punch that the pins showed up at all. The tool is a contour gauge, used (by me, at least) to draw ceramic profiles. I think woodworkers might use it for different things than artifact illustrators.

3DST46 - Drawing tool by Abby Crawford on Sketchfab

Here's a redo, based on some advice from @uomdigitisation:

Drawing tool do-over by Abby Crawford on Sketchfab

(Luis Rodriguez) #6

1st object scan: Simple yet effective wood carving tools:

Tools by Luis Rodriguez on Sketchfab

2nd scene scan: "All you need to build with wood" tools set.

Tools (power) by Luis Rodriguez on Sketchfab


(3Digify) #7

In 3Digify, the raspberry pi is a vital tool for controlling our self-constructed turntables. This particular one was coated with anti-glare-spray for scanning, and we are not entirely sure if it still boots after this treatment wink

Scanned Raspberry Pi - 3DST46 by 3Digify on Sketchfab

(Bart) #8

Too many shiny things, but I rather like how messy this one looks:

My tool chest by Bart on Sketchfab

My tool chest 2 by Bart on Sketchfab


Quick and dirty itSeez3D scan, took about 30 seconds:

Gold Acrylic Spray Paint #3DST46 by James on Sketchfab

(Ben Kreunen) #10

Did you do the usual "rotate camera around the object" shooting method? For oblong objects you may find that moving the camera along the object with plenty of overlap works better. Don't worry that the object is largely out of frame at the ends. The idea is to maximise the accuracy of the calculation for the camera position, for which linear passes with the camera perpendicular to the camera path works better. A grid of at least 3 passes over the top should get you a pretty good model regardless of the shiny bits

(Bart) #11

Hey all! 3DST has been away for a few weeks, but now we're back. Get ready to celebrate the weekend! smile

(Jonathansty) #12

and I just starting making that tool... Ohh well. I'll still make it smile