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3D Scanning Thursday 49: Toys

(Bart) #1

The winner of 3DST48 "Money"

We had a pretty strong turnout for last week's contest. Everybody has some money around, I'm sure that helps smile

I asked Jonathan, last week's winner, to pick his favorite entry and tell us why:

I thought it was a clever way of presenting the topic. Instead of using a regular bill she sound a way to make it more interesting by shaping it into a real 3-dimensional form.

3DST48 - Dollar Bill by Abby Crawford on Sketchfab

And I know that I said last time that I set the limit at 10 contestants, but I'm pretty happy with nine, so your $25 3D Hubs is on its way, Abby!

This week's topic: Toys

Dino_Toy_02_3D_Photogrammetry by - MarkoV on Sketchfab

This weekend, I'm looking for toys. Especially old, damaged or scary toys! I'm sure you have a few stuffed away somewhere, so go find them and bring out your cameras or scanning gear.

About 3D Scanning Thursday (3DST)

Welcome to the 3DST!

Hey, nice of you to join us! The 3DST is a weekly community challenge for 3D Scanning enthusiasts. Participating is about fun and honor, although we do offer a modest prize.

How do I participate?

We pick a new topic every week and you enter by creating a 3D scan using any tool you like (here's a list of 3D scanning apps that you could use). Don't take the topic too literally, just let the topic be your inspiration for this week.

After uploading, tag your work with the 3DST49 tag so everyone can view the contest gallery. For extra fun, post your entry below (just write down the URL in a reply).

The submission deadline is Thursday before midnight.

What can I win?

3D Hubs is sponsoring the 3DST with a $25 3D printing coupon. Thanks guys!

Note: we'll only give away the prize if we have a minimum of 10 contestants.

Cool, anything else?

We only have a few additional rules:

  • You can submit as many entries as you like.
  • Entries scanned before theme announcement are not ok.

That's about it! If you have any questions, let me know. Otherwise, have a great weekend and enjoy creating your 3D scans!

3D Scanning Thursday 48: Money!
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(Bart) #2

Here's my entry!

Toys on a flea market by Bart on Sketchfab

(Arlojeremy) #3

Hey! I'm not super familiar with the markdown or whatever on sketchfab, but perhaps you have the link format wrong here? At least, this is exactly what I see in my browser; no links. Cheers!

Glad I found this challenge and hope to participate in the future!

(Bart) #4

Thanks! I've fixed the link smile

(Jonathansty) #5

Here is my entry for this weeks. It's my first try at scanning a 'free' object. I don't have a fancy light setup or any lights tbh. I just used the sun and some big white A3 papers taped to a bench and went outside with it. Then masked out everything. Turned out pretty cool. Except for some parts that are not clean at all. I didn't clean it up.

3DST49: Toy Truck by Jonathan Steyfkens on Sketchfab

(Bart) #6

Nice idea! Would you happen to have a picture of that setup?

(Jonathansty) #7

not really, I can recreate it this weekend when I get home. If you still want to see it then wink

(Alban) #8

My entry! Turns out a duck is harder to scan than what I thought

William's duck #3DST49 by alban on Sketchfab

(Bart) #9

I spotted this shop in Amsterdam last week - they ONLY sell rubber ducks! Next time you're around, pay them a visit smile

(Abby Crawford) #10

This week I made the unhappy discovery that the only toys I have here are cat toys.

3DST49 - Toy by Abby Crawford on Sketchfab