3D Settings and Viewer not showing the same result


(Ettienne) #1

Hi folks,

I’ve recently uploaded a simple model making use of Refraction in the opacity tab with a color tint, now everything works fine in the 3D Settings editor, however when I open the model in the viewer the spheres are completely invisible.

My Google Chrome browser is up to date, and my GPU drivers too. Now I have several other models that do make use of the very same refraction/opacity properties with no problems. I’ve noticed that the opacity for some reason doesn’t display correctly in the viewer, though in the 3D settings everything displays fine, as seen in the attached screenshot.

Is this something I’m doing wrong or is there more to it?

Kind Regards



Hmm, the viewer version looks correct on my end.

Do you see the same thing in different browsers? Are then any errors in the developer console when the page loads?

(Ettienne) #3

I’ve switched over to firefox and at first it appeared the same as with chrome, but after uninstalling chrome and refreshing the page in firefox it seems to display correctly.

Apologies for the extra topic now, sigh…computers. xD