3D sound hard to place and strange behaviour

(Miguelangelo2k) #1

The deadline for the contest is near and i would enter some more scenes...
i work on a few tests and i find it very hard to move sounds around or place them and set the falloff sphere right...
when i switch between the sounds, it resets the sound in the center...any changes that i wanna make, mess up all other sounds placements...
is there any hint on what i can do to be able to get more control of what i am doing ?
this video shows the difficulties i am running into...from 1:40 its clearly visible what happens..

(Paul Sketch) #2

Thanks for the bug report, we reproduce and we'll have a fix asap.

(Bart) #3

If this is preventing people from finishing their work, we'll extend the contest deadline, don't worry.

cc @seori @nebulousflynn

(Nathanwondrak) #4

Hello guys, I am having a similar issue but rather than my sounds resetting to the center, they all follow the last sound I moved as if they are all stuck together. I hope this video helps. Also I was wondering if you guys had any timelines for iOS compatibility? Right now my old laptop's graphic card isn't supported on sketchfab so working on my iPad has been ideal. I know that's kind of a strange workflow, I'm actually very lucky my roommate is leting me use his computer for this competition :yum:. Thanks for reading and all your guy's great work, having the element of sound with models has just been phenomenal!

(Nathanwondrak) #5

Sorry if my videos aren't showing, it looks like my uploads are failing.

(Skyeshark) #6

Similar problems here.

(Rlockett) #7

i'm getting the same, i have to delete the sound and add it again for it to be movable


I think this was fixed for new uploads, @stephomi ?

(Rybird) #9

I reupped the sounds and still they all move together and disoriented. However for the sake of listening , most people won't know the difference between sounds separated and together in my submission.
I have other models though that I can't get how I want. very frustrating.
It worked, then it started behaving like this.

(Stephomi) #10

It will be fixed at the next release, no need to re-upload.

(Nathanwondrak) #11

That's awesome, I'm looking forward to it! How often are releases released, I know most software takes a couple months for a release so should we just use the work around for now? Thanks.

(Stephomi) #12

Hopefully next week.

Things are a bit slow this month, but we approximately release once a week.

(Submarine Channel) #13

So, just to be super sure: in the very near future (one week) it will be possible to position different sounds at different positions in space? Not clustered around one pivot point? It is quite important for me to know in order to know if I am going to use sketchfab as a platform for a project :slight_smile: Thanks!

(Stephomi) #14


Not 100% sure about next week, worst case scenario is the week after.