3D Sound positioning displays incorrectly in editor?

(Blackhart) #1

I've been putting together my submission for the sounds contest, and I've run into an issue that I'm not sure if anyone else has mentioned- it appears when you're placing 3D sounds that they're all in the same location- at least in the editor.

Let me attach screenshots and explain:

Here I have my scene open in the 3D editor, and I have selected an engine sound I've placed at the back of my spaceship object.

And here I have selected another sound effect which is meant to be the sound of the fuel pump that you can see attached at the front of the ship dripping fluid into the tank. But it's appearing in the exact same position as the engine! Okay so I move it up to where its meant to go and now...

Now the engine sound is moved to the exact same position!

When I save and exit and go to the actual scene and view it... the sounds seem to be coming from the right locations, maybe, its difficult to tell... but in the 3D editor I have no idea where the sounds have actually been moved because the gizmo doesn't differentiate between their actual locations, it thinks they're all in the same position in space.

Also, more minor bug but really frustrating to work with... when you use the little square handles on the 3D sounds to shrink or expand them, the scene actually gets grabbed and rotated as you're doing it. When you grab the position gizmos the editor realises you're operating a gizmo and ignores the mouse movement so it doesn't rotate the scene, but for the scaling gizmo it doesn't ignore the mouse input and you end up spinning your scene around while you try to set your sound scale.

(Paul Sketch) #2

Thansk for the detailed bug report, we can reproduce and will fix asap