3D Studio Game Export - Morph issues


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Hi, Im having difficulty exporting an animation with multiple clips using the Game Exporter. Im hoping someone can spot the issue.

Ive set up a simple animation in 3D Studio. Its a single key-framed timeline using transforms, Bend modifier and the Morph modifier. When I export directly to FBX everything works fine - the only problem is that I cant include animation clips. When I export using the Game Export Utility using the Animation tab, it includes the clips but the bend and morph modifiers dont work. There is a hint of movement almost like the scale is wrong (so I tried adjusting scene scale a couple of times - no luck).

If I use the Game Export Model tab, the modifiers work but I dont get my list of clips.

Ive tried:

  1. Baking vs not baking (no change)
  2. changing scene scale (no change)
  3. exporting multiple clips (too big)
  4. Uploading both the Animation and the Model FBX files together (it ignores the Model version)
  5. Changing the FBX format

Im running out of things to try. Any help much appreciated.

(ALL3D NP) #2

Anyone have any experience with this issue?