3D viewer broken - will not load


For a few days now the 3d viewer is completely broken. It simply does not load and nothing had changed on my end. Even after updating my graphic drivers there is no change at all.
The viewer doesn’t ever load, it’s just stuck on the loading screen.

Are you encountering this problem on a particular model or on every model? If you’re able, could you please share a video of what you’re seeing when you try to load a model?

It’s site wide. Not a single model loads.

There’s not much to see. Upon loading the page of a model it only shows the loading screen. No progress, no nothing.

I’m using Firefox.

I just checked and it works normally in Google Chrome and Edge.
So the problem seems to be specific to Firefox.


We’re not able to reproduce this in the latest Firefox, nor did we receive any other reports about this. This would suggest a local issue in your Firefox. Please make sure you have updated it to the latest version, disable extensions (or try in a private browser window), and empty your cache to see if the issue persists.

Ah, I seem to have fixed it by clearing my cache. My mistake.