3D viewer doesn't see textures


(Dennis13) #1

Hi guys!
After uploading my 3D model on SketchFab it doesn't see my textures, only model.
How can i fix it?
Here is link https://skfb.ly/6nPA6

(Simon Kratz) #2

Hi dennis13!
Did you just upload the fbx or did you use the 3ds max to Sketchfab exporter?
It might be possible your textures aren't packed into the fbx or aren't referenced properly via a material.

(Dennis13) #3

Hi essimoon!
I've uploaded 3ds max files with extension .3DS.
Should I upload fbx file instead 3ds?

(Simon Kratz) #4

Ah yeah, I'd try fbx with "Embed media" checked in the exporter :slight_smile:
Not sure if .3ds embeds textures into the file.
Alternatively you can use the Sketchfab exporter (this will probably wokr best) or you can add any textures in the Sketchfab 3D editor later on.

(Bart) #5

You have your viewer in MatCap mode instead of Shadeless or Lit. Try if that makes a difference?

(Dennis13) #6

yeah, i see the difference but still without textures

(Dennis13) #7

001.FBX (4.8 MB)

I tried use FBX file, but textures not linked with model.
Could you please check it?

(Simon Kratz) #8

Hmm weird, it indeed doesn't contain the textures. Did you set them up as regular diffuse textures and check "embed media"?
In some cases when you use a complex material setup the material won't be able to export the textures with the files.

(Dennis13) #9

yep, i've checked "embed media".
Any ideas why it is not work?)
I also have regular files, in archive
003_dveri.rar (1.1 MB)

(Simon Kratz) #10

Ah yes, it might indeed be due to the materials!
It seems like you use special materials like mental ray or Vray that don't really use standardized material slots and thus can't be exported in a proper way.
You should probably use regular 3ds max standard materials. Alternatively you can use the Sketchfab editor to plug your textures into the respective texture slots :slight_smile: