3D/WebGL context error with Vive connected


(Michael Bunds) #1

I'm hoping for a little help. I'm trying to view models in VR on a Vive using Chromium. I can get the split screen projection in the browser, but if the Vive is connected (via displayport), Chromium crashes. Here is some info:

  • Error: 3D/WebGL context error "Your browser seems to have hit its 3D capability limit......"
  • Computer: Windows 10 x64, i7, NVIDIA 1070, laptop, (runs Steam/SteamVR fine)
  • GPU drivers updated
  • Chromium Version 56.0.2910.0 (64-bit) (from the link off the Sketchfab page), WebVR and gamepad extensions
    enabled (and opened using "--ignore-certificate-errors"
  • Sketchfab models aren't crazy big - I've gotten them to run (barely) on an iPhone 6
  • Only one tab open in Chromium

Also, Chromium is communicating with SteamVR. With the video feed to the goggles unplugged, the split-screen VR images appear in the Chromium window, they change with position and orientation of the goggles (i.e., via tracking of the Vive headset), and it's possible to teleport using the Vive hand controller (edit).

Last, I tried the latest Chromium build, and it won't go VR - when I click the goggles in the model window I get the pop-up telling me to install a WebVR - capable browser.

Thanks for any and all help!!

(Lord00120) #2

And you've remembered to enable webvr in chrome://flags ?

(Michael Bunds) #3

Yes, WebVR and gamepad_extensions are both enabled - but thanks for asking!